Our research

Listed below are selected, pertinent articles on this topic.  This literature explains the logic of using electrophysiologic technology in psychiatry and behavioral medicine, reviews electrophysiological research that is being conducted by prominent laboratories and reports our initial findings on EEG subtypes and medication response across a range of attentional and mood disorders.  These articles are available from their respective publisher and abstracts can be downloaded at the National Library of Medicine website.

Neurometric Subgroups in Attentional and Affective Disorders and Their Association with Pharmacotherapeutic Outcome
By Stephen C. Suffin and W. Hamlin Emory
Source:  Clinical Electroencephalography  ©1995 Vol. 26 No. 2

Predictors of Therapeutic Response to Treatments for Depression:  A Review of Electrophysiologic and Dichotic Listening Studies
By Gerard E. Bruder, PhD, Craig E. Tenke, PhD, Jonathan W. Stewart, MD, 
Patrick J. McGrath, MD, and Frederic M. Quitkin, MD
Source:  CNS SpectrumsVolume 4 - Number 8, August 1999

Electrophysiology in Neuropsychiatric Research:  A Network Perspective
By Georg Winterer, MD, WernerM. Hermann, MD, and Richard Coppola, DSc
Source:  CNS SpectrumsVolume 4 - Number 8, August 1999